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Sweet Lorane Community News, December 16, 2021

Fern Ridge-Tribune News
Creswell Chronicle
Sweet Lorane Community News
December 16, 2021
By Pat Edwards

One more week until Christmas! Time seems to be rushing by these days… For me, at this time of year, that’s a good thing because when the holidays have passed, it usually means that spring is not that far in the future. I am only too well-aware, however, that Mother Nature frequently has surprises up her bountiful sleeves. Some of our worst winter weather—snow, ice storms, electrical outages, downed trees—have occurred after the new year has put in its appearance and I know that this could be one of those years.

I used to consider fall my favorite season. The slowing down of the busy days of summer into the indoor warmth and coziness of fall has always been welcome, and I still do love it. But spring has taken over the number one spot for me. It’s the season of awakening when the ugliness of winter’s naked trees, mud and dripping branches begin to change and take a back seat to the renewal of life in so many shades of green. It’s when I plant some of the seeds I harvested last fall from my favorite flowers into starter pots so that by the time they have sprouted, grown and acclimated to the spring, I can add them to the flower beds that await my attention.

Spring also challenges my aged body to become active again after the months of idleness during the winter. On those first days of relatively weak sunshine without rain, I can sense the stirrings of life and energy not only returning to the trees and plants outside, but to my own spirit, as well. I look forward to it; I welcome it.

So, winter, do your best… or worst, if necessary. We have always been able to deal with whatever Mother Nature hands out, knowing that spring will be just around the corner at some point.

May each of you enjoy your own, special holiday celebrations in these coming weeks. Gather with your family and friends in love; count your blessings and put aside any shortcomings you feel that life has dealt you. Share your good fortune with others. Dwell on the good things in life and offer your thanks to those, including yourself, who are responsible for them.

Sweet Lorane Community News, June 8, 2017

Fern Ridge Review
Creswell Chronicle
Sweet Lorane Community News
June 8, 2017
By Pat Edwards

Today (Thursday) we are experiencing a bit of rain. Even though I’ve been complaining of the over-generous spring days of rain provided by Mother Nature, a couple of days of it right now seems welcome. It’s watering the tender little plants that I’ve recently planted. I raised some from seed this year and started rather late, so I’m hoping most will survive.

Everyone is busy, working outside on yards and gardens or preparing for high school graduation parties right now, so there’s not much news to report. But, there is one upcoming event that you can mark on your calendars.

Connie Suing has asked me to spread the word about the annual Father’s Day Breakfast that will be held at the Crow Grange on Sunday, June 18, from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. Breakfast will consist of sausage, eggs and pancakes, or biscuits and gravy, juice and coffee, and all they are asking is a suggested donation of $5. You really can’t beat that.
June 16 is 8th grade recognition at Crow Middle/High School at 7:00 p.m. and the community is invited. Congratulations 8th graders!

The last day of school for the C-A-L students is June 19 and I understand that a district trip is planned to Wildlife Safari.

Some of you who are not on Facebook may not know that Lil and Gary Thompson and their son Gary are in Norway right now. Apparently, they are visiting relatives over there, and if you get a chance, check out Lil’s timeline to see the pictures she is posting. Lil is the Lorane correspondent for the Cottage Grove Sentinel and a long-time friend. One of our Groundwaters contributors just informed me that she is heading to England soon, and another is currently in Venice. It seems that overseas travel is really popular right now. Jim and I still have a lot of U.S. to discover, but this summer we’re going to stick pretty close to home and take short trips in our RV. We are planning a trip to Montana later this month to see our youngest daughter, Kelly, and her husband, Justin. They just built a new home that we haven’t seen yet, so we are looking forward to making that trip.

Speaking of Groundwaters, it’s time to remind everyone about getting some poems and short stories, essays, memoirs or non-fiction submissions to us for the 2017 anthology. The deadline is August 15, but it would really be helpful to have them earlier than that if possible. If you know someone who would like to contribute to the annual book, please have them contact me by email at edwards@groundwaterspublishing.com The first two anthologies we’ve done since we stopped printing the quarterly issues each had over 60 contributors and over 150 contributions, so Jen Chambers and I are hoping to include that many again this year, if possible. We are hoping to get more stories and poetry from the 18-and-under age group, too. So, please encourage your child or grandchild to submit, too. For the guidelines and other information, please check out our webpage at http://www.groundwaterspublishing.com/Submissions.html. We love to welcome new members to our Groundwaters family and continue offering the excellent talent of our regulars writers as well.

Sweet Lorane Community News – January 5, 2017

Fern Ridge Review
Creswell Chronicle
Sweet Lorane Community News
January 5, 2017
By Pat Edwards

It hasn’t escaped anyone’s attention that Mother Nature has decided to issue a very strong proclamation that winter is taking place here in Lane County. First, we’ve learned, once again, how to cope without electricity for days at a time during the ice storm; then after a couple of weeks’ reprieve, we dug out our heavy-treaded shoes and boots, coats, scarves and gloves to go out into the snow to warm up our cars if we had no choice but to be somewhere other than home. The lucky ones were those who were able to stay home and off of the treacherous roads.

Unfortunately, I had to be out in it both Wednesday and Thursday. There was a long-awaited doctor’s appointment which I couldn’t afford to reschedule, and the next day, Jim and I needed to accompany our son to an equally long-awaited and essential medical procedure so that we could drive him home to Cottage Grove afterwards.

I’m a good snow driver on the country roads where there is little traffic. My 4-wheel-drive SUV navigated the hills and curves really well when I kept it at a steady 30 mph and a bit faster approaching and climbing hills, but the worry about what other drivers were going to do was a bit nerve-wracking. Some, I felt, traveled a bit too fast and other oncoming drivers insisted on taking their half of the road out of the middle when going around curves, especially. When I got to Eugene on Wednesday, it was downright scary. Cars and small pickups were fishtailing all over the place; and I saw a couple of them doing 180’s and 360’s in the middle of the street. Getting back home both days felt really good.

I’m writing this on Friday and the ominous forecast is calling for another equally devastating ice storm with strong possibilities of power outages like we had before Christmas. Hopefully, that storm will pass us by. We have not even gotten the tree destruction of the first one cleaned up yet, although I would be grateful if some of the tenuous ones in our front pasture come down on their own rather than having to be cut down. I worry about those who have them near their homes, though.

Lorane is reeling from the recent death of one of our own this past week. David Doughty who, along with his twin brother Duane and other siblings, was born and grew up in Lorane, passed away unexpectedly on Thursday morning with what I’ve heard was untreated pneumonia. I don’t have information on services yet, but when the family releases them, they will be posted on the Lorane Facebook page.

David was loved by so many in the community and his death at such a young age is a blow to all who knew him. He was the son of Delwin and Beth Doughty. His grandparents, James Albert and Rosa Lee Doughty settled in the Lorane area in 1943, and his father and uncle set up a logging business at that time. Later, Delwin and Beth established D.A. Doughty and Sons, a sand and gravel business in partnership with their sons.

Our heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to David’s wife Jeannie and daughters Christie and Carrie, as well as the rest of their family, for their loss.

Hopefully, by the time that this column is read, we will have returned to our normal complaints of too much winter rain and chances of mild flooding… that’s so much better than the sub-freezing temps and icy road conditions. I think we can put this winter into our own personal record books as one of the worst we’ve had in a long time.

Happy 2017, everyone!