Sweet Lorane Community News, December 16, 2021

Fern Ridge-Tribune News
Creswell Chronicle
Sweet Lorane Community News
December 16, 2021
By Pat Edwards

One more week until Christmas! Time seems to be rushing by these days… For me, at this time of year, that’s a good thing because when the holidays have passed, it usually means that spring is not that far in the future. I am only too well-aware, however, that Mother Nature frequently has surprises up her bountiful sleeves. Some of our worst winter weather—snow, ice storms, electrical outages, downed trees—have occurred after the new year has put in its appearance and I know that this could be one of those years.

I used to consider fall my favorite season. The slowing down of the busy days of summer into the indoor warmth and coziness of fall has always been welcome, and I still do love it. But spring has taken over the number one spot for me. It’s the season of awakening when the ugliness of winter’s naked trees, mud and dripping branches begin to change and take a back seat to the renewal of life in so many shades of green. It’s when I plant some of the seeds I harvested last fall from my favorite flowers into starter pots so that by the time they have sprouted, grown and acclimated to the spring, I can add them to the flower beds that await my attention.

Spring also challenges my aged body to become active again after the months of idleness during the winter. On those first days of relatively weak sunshine without rain, I can sense the stirrings of life and energy not only returning to the trees and plants outside, but to my own spirit, as well. I look forward to it; I welcome it.

So, winter, do your best… or worst, if necessary. We have always been able to deal with whatever Mother Nature hands out, knowing that spring will be just around the corner at some point.

May each of you enjoy your own, special holiday celebrations in these coming weeks. Gather with your family and friends in love; count your blessings and put aside any shortcomings you feel that life has dealt you. Share your good fortune with others. Dwell on the good things in life and offer your thanks to those, including yourself, who are responsible for them.

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