Welcome to “All Things Lorane”

Pat & Rocket by slough

Sixteen year old Pat Edwards and her “best buddy,” Rocket, in 1959 on their bean and berry ranch near Lebanon, Oregon.



My name is Pat Edwards and this is my personal website.

“But, I thought I was going to find a site about Lorane, Oregon!” you say.

You’ll find a lot of Lorane on these pages. It has been our family’s home since 1966, and was my grandparents’ home in the early 1940s when I was a little mite. They had a ranch located on Powell Road, about 8 miles northwest of Lorane, but they were active in the Lorane community.

With the help of two very special friends, Nancy O’Hearn and Marna Hing, I researched the history of the Lorane area in the late 1980s and we published a book on that history. I revised the book again in 2006. I’ve also written two Lorane newsletters over the years and am currently the Lorane correspondent, writing a newspaper column that appears weekly in both the Fern Ridge Review in Veneta and the Creswell Chronicle.

All of these things will be included here eventually. I will be adding portions at a time and will post my weekly columns here to share with each of you.

In addition, I am including the books, essays and stories that I’ve written over the years on other subjects — my family, my childhood, my experiences, my inner-most thoughts and beliefs.

So, no… it’s not just about Lorane, but at the same time, it does include a lot about the community because “All Things Lorane” live within my heart.

PLEASE NOTE: This webpage has a “slider” menu for more options. Click on the salmon-colored border to the left of the page and it will open.

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