From Me to You

I have written all of my life, so there’s a lot of words out there that I’ve put on paper and computer disk. I have begun the process of sorting through the ones I want to share and will be posting them to this site as I have time.

All Things Lorane

Pat’s Memories

Family Stories

Animal Stories


Adventures and Travels

Personal Profiles

  • A Journey of Tears: Chief Joseph (Groundwaters Vol 6 Issue 1)
  • Frances Cooper; Doing Her Share (Groundwaters Vol 5 Issue 2)
  • The Quest for Happy Endings – Dolly Ruth Smith (2015 GW Anthology)
  • Marna Hing
  • Mike Stevenson
  • Nancy O’Hearn
  • Scarves of Many Colors: A Tribute to Tom Page
  • The Legacy of Jost and Jerusha Petrie (Groundwaters Vol 5 Issue 1)
  • Thal Thrower
  • Who Are They? – Gary L. Lewis (Groundwaters Vol 5 Issue 2)
  • Who Are They? – Herbie Medlin (Groundwaters Vol 5 Issue 1)
  • Who Are They? – Jo-Brew (Groundwaters Vol 5 Issue 3)


  • Potatoes
  • Size 18 Boots

Eulogies of Friends

Lorane Newsletters


  • Building a Marriage
  • For the Love of Life
  • Lifetime With a Day
  • Life’s Journey

News Articles

Letters to the Editor

  • The Gut
  • Bikes and Trucks
  • Flying People
  • Japanese-American/Harry Nakata


  • An Olympic Dream

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