“Pat’s People” – The Lorane-Crow 4-H Newsletter

“Pat’s People” – The Lorane-Crow 4-H Newsletter

4HlogoOn October 21, 1974, I began writing a little community newsletter as part of my volunteer position as Lorane 4-H Community Coordinator through the Lane County Extension Service Office. Each little issue told about which 4-H clubs were organizing in Lorane and what they each were doing as time went on. Elda Lowman, the principal at Lorane Elementary, allowed me to print the newsletters on the school’s antique purple-ink mimeograph machine and the multiple pages were stapled together. I distributed them through the school as well as at the Mitchell Store.

That first issue in October 1974 began: “The 4-H office  has given me authorization to put out this experimental newsletter for our area as a means of informing the community of what is happening in our 4-H clubs. If you like the idea, let me know!!”

The last issue that I have retained is dated November 30, 1977, so it had a pretty long run.

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