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Sweet Lorane Community News, August 25, 2022

Fern Ridge-Tribune News
The Chronicle (Creswell)
Sweet Lorane Community News
August 25, 2022
By Pat Edwards

Since I write my weekly columns on Thursday or Friday of each week, I wasn’t able to do more than mention my participation in the Lorane Community Yard Sale event last week, since it hadn’t happened yet. So, today I want to thank everyone who stopped by my Oregon Author’s tent at the Lorane Grange to visit and maybe even purchase a book. Several of you introduced yourselves as readers of my column and it was so much fun to visit with each of you. I was there both Friday and Saturday, August 19 & 20, the weather was pleasant and the sales were good, so it proved to be a good decision to participate. Thanks to all of you who stopped by.

My next stop as an author will be on Saturday, September 3, at the Oregon State Fair’s Oregon Authors’ Table. I’m really looking forward to that because it’s the first year we, as authors, have been allowed to participate for a single day. I’m trying to get a family grouping to go that day so that Jim can venture out, too. As a young married couple with kids, we loved to join Jim’s family and go the State Fair to watch the horse races, visit the livestock barns and exhibits, watch some horse show competitions and, of course, spend the day eating all of the “fair food” we could handle. It was a special day that we all looked forward to.

The Lorane community is taking a break from further events until Tuesday, September 13, when the Lorane Grange hosts a talk by State Representative, Boomer Wright. He will speak on education and possibly crime. He grew up in Lorane and graduated from Crow High School.

Then, on September 16, they will begin sponsoring the monthly “Dessert and Bingo Night” at 7:00 p.m. Be sure to mark that on your calendars for both.

To give you an update on Jim’s progress, he sailed through his Home Health physical therapy program and his amazing therapists released him this week because he’s gained a lot of strength and balance since he began. He and I are taking daily walks with his walker up the hill on the country road that borders our property. He started small—50 steps past the end of our driveway—and graduated quickly to 100 steps; after that, we stopped counting steps and began counting fence posts. I’m so proud of him and his determination to be ready for our upcoming 8-day “Fall Folliage” bus tour beginning in Boston in late September. He’s really earned some “adventure” time. In addition, in preparation for the extended vacation, we’ve signed up for a day-trip with the River Road Parks and Recreation District in Eugene for a jet-boat trip on the Rogue River next week. We’re both looking forward to getting out again and doing some things we love and have been wanting to do for some time.

If I’ve learned nothing else these past few months, I’ve realized how important it is to enjoy each day that we’re given and to look for the positives that sometimes lie under the surface of daily life. Things are not always going to be the way we hoped or expected them to be at any certain time through any stage of our lives, but especially our later years. Life is not perfect or predictable, so we need to seek out and appreciate what we have and what we’ve been given each day.

Fall is fast approaching. Let’s rejoice in the bounty of the harvest, the cooling of the temperature, the lessening of fire danger and the changes in the season. Life is good.

Sweet Lorane Community News, August 4, 2022

Fern Ridge-Tribune News
The Chronicle (Creswell)
Sweet Lorane Community News
August 4, 2022
By Pat Edwards

Can it be August already? With all of the stress, worry and health issues that Jim and I have been facing recently, I guess we haven’t been paying much attention to anything but ourselves. There’s not much time or desire to heap worries about world and national events or even local concerns onto the load we’ve been carrying, even though they are important to us both. I have turned most of the administrating of the Lorane Facebook page over to our other admins and am thankful that I had the foresight to step down as the publisher of the Groundwaters annual anthologies this year.

It’s strange how life’s pathways can take abrupt turns and occasionally drop off the side of a cliff so that we are forced to either change direction or figure out a way to claw our way back up to the smoother roadway once again. Fortunately, Jim and I haven’t hit too many cliffs or detours during our 58 years of marriage. I’ve always said that we’ve been blessed for much of our lives and despite everything that has gone wrong these past few months, I feel, more than ever that we are. Despite a major surgery and three runs to the emergency room for Jim and a back procedure for me in the past month and a half, we’re looking forward to a future that includes some travel and activities with our big family.

Jim’s surgery was successful, and he’s working with Home Health physical therapists this past week to strengthen muscles and balance to improve his mobility. When instructed to do the homework exercises 10 times each, twice a day, he does them 15 times each, three times a day. He’s taking walks to the end of our rather long blacktop driveway and began the first day by taking “50 steps” uphill on the rural road that runs beside our house and back. Yesterday, he took 75 steps, and today, 100. So, I think that by late September, when our “New England Fall Foliage” tour is scheduled, he’s going to do just fine.

My back procedure, called a rhizotomy, was successful as well, and the lumbar pain I was having has diminished to the point where I can now use our weedeater and push lawnmower in short stints. (I just need to get myself some goggles.)

So, life is good. We’re back on smooth pavement once again and looking forward to the future.

And, we’re planning to attend the Lorane Community Potluck at the Lorane Grange on Saturday, August 13 (noon), and the Lorane Ice Cream Social the next day, on Sunday, August 14 (1:00 to 5:00 p.m.) in front of the Fire Hall. I’ve been asked to remind our Lorane residents that donations of more pies are needed this week for the ice cream social. Contact Betty Willoughby at 541-942-7539 for instructions.

I hope to see many of our friends and neighbors at both!

Sweet Lorane Community News, December 16, 2021

Fern Ridge-Tribune News
Creswell Chronicle
Sweet Lorane Community News
December 16, 2021
By Pat Edwards

One more week until Christmas! Time seems to be rushing by these days… For me, at this time of year, that’s a good thing because when the holidays have passed, it usually means that spring is not that far in the future. I am only too well-aware, however, that Mother Nature frequently has surprises up her bountiful sleeves. Some of our worst winter weather—snow, ice storms, electrical outages, downed trees—have occurred after the new year has put in its appearance and I know that this could be one of those years.

I used to consider fall my favorite season. The slowing down of the busy days of summer into the indoor warmth and coziness of fall has always been welcome, and I still do love it. But spring has taken over the number one spot for me. It’s the season of awakening when the ugliness of winter’s naked trees, mud and dripping branches begin to change and take a back seat to the renewal of life in so many shades of green. It’s when I plant some of the seeds I harvested last fall from my favorite flowers into starter pots so that by the time they have sprouted, grown and acclimated to the spring, I can add them to the flower beds that await my attention.

Spring also challenges my aged body to become active again after the months of idleness during the winter. On those first days of relatively weak sunshine without rain, I can sense the stirrings of life and energy not only returning to the trees and plants outside, but to my own spirit, as well. I look forward to it; I welcome it.

So, winter, do your best… or worst, if necessary. We have always been able to deal with whatever Mother Nature hands out, knowing that spring will be just around the corner at some point.

May each of you enjoy your own, special holiday celebrations in these coming weeks. Gather with your family and friends in love; count your blessings and put aside any shortcomings you feel that life has dealt you. Share your good fortune with others. Dwell on the good things in life and offer your thanks to those, including yourself, who are responsible for them.