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Sweet Lorane Community News – September 29, 2016

Fern Ridge Review
Creswell Chronicle
Sweet Lorane Community News
September 29, 2016
By Pat Edwards

Approximately 30 people attended the community meeting, held this past Tuesday night (September 27) at the Lorane Grange, so that the owners of the Alesong Brewing and Blending (Brian & Doug Coombs and veteran brewer, Matt Van Wyk) could present their visions and plans for the new brewpub that is being built near Lorane. Ground has been broken behind the former Lorane Country Café on Territorial Road, next to the entrance to King Estate Winery. Rather than paraphrase the notes I have from Doug Coombs, I’m going to provide you with his comments directly:

“Thanks to everyone who came out last Tuesday night! It was great to meet some of the community! To give a quick recap of what we’re doing and cover some of the Q&A that came up for those who weren’t there…

“Alesong is a very small brewery run by three founder/employees. We’re focused on barrel-aged and farmhouse-style beers and our dream has been to have a farmhouse brewery in the country inspired by the French-Belgian brewing tradition. This is what we’re building in Lorane. Most of our beers are aged in oak (retired wine or spirits barrels) for 3-36 months before release, making what we do a bit unique as compared with most breweries that have a roughly 3-week production cycle. The majority of our initial brewing (and water usage) will happen in our Eugene facility, but the Lorane location will house most of our barrels that are maturing and a small tasting room.

“Although we fall under the county’s definition of a “brewpub,” our tasting room will operate more similarly to a winery tasting room, with limited – mostly daylight – hours and a family-friendly atmosphere where people can come to enjoy a drink responsibly in a beautiful setting. The facility we are building is at the back of the property, behind the old café, which we aren’t using. We haven’t yet decided what we will do with it.

“Our hope is to be open by the end of the year, although with construction, you never know…” http://www.alesongbrewing.com/

Some of the concerns that were discussed concern the additional use of water since several families in the Territorial North area are experiencing their wells going dry after two dry summers. Also, some residents have expressed concerns about more intoxicated drivers on the local road. I believe that these issues have been addressed in the statement above.

There is also evidence of a great deal of support for the new business and many residents are looking forward to having it in our area.

The return of both the Lorane and Crow Granges’ dinner and bingo nights were well attended at each this past month. Lorane Grange has changed its dinner offering to tacos which seemed to be a very popular choice with those attending, so tacos will be on the menu again at the next event on Saturday, October 15.

The Crow Grange’s dinner and bingo night was well attended, too, but there was a definite feeling that “someone was missing.” That someone was Joe Canaday, the long-time Master of the Crow Grange who was under hospice care. Sadly, Joe passed away three days later. His passing is a huge loss for the Crow community. Joe was an icon . He descended from a pioneer family in the Crow area and was a logger most of his life, although he also enjoyed reading, music and art. I remember him personally as a kind and generous friend with a welcoming smile. Our love and condolences go out to his wife Leah and the Canaday family. A memorial service will be held at the Crow Grange on Sunday, October 9 at 2:00 p.m. Godspeed and God Bless, Joe! Your smile and friendship will stay with us always.

The Crow dinner and bingo nights are held every first and third Saturday of each month.

Remember the Rural Art Center movie night at the Lorane Grange on Saturday, October 8, too!