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1960s and 1970s In-Depth Research of a Northwest Legend—Bigfoot by the late Ken Coon; published in 2019 by co-editors, Joe R. Blakely and Pat Edwards

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A book review:

Sasquatch! 1960s and 1970s In-Depth Research of a Northwest Legend—Bigfoot by the late Ken Coon; published in 2019 by co-editors, Joe R. Blakely and Pat Edwards.

Review was printed in Bigfoot Times by the Center for Bigfoot Studies (; December 2019; Daniel Perez, editor.

[Note by Daniel Perez: Ken Coon was one of the first persons to see the P-G film in Willow Creek, California, when it was first shown in 1968 and (he) was part of the party that went with John Green to the site to film Jim McClarin going over the same route as the P-G film subject did in 1967. Furthermore, his claim of being there is vindicated by slides that George Haas took on the day in question… June 23. 1968. David Murphy recently bought a copy of this book and I asked him if he would mind doing a short review of it.]

I’ve just finished reading the late Ken Coon’s recently-published book (Sasquatch! 1960s and 1970s In-Depth Research of a Northwest Legend—Bigfoot. Order through Amazon). First off, it is refreshing to see a book on the subject of Bigfoot that was written by a investigator who actually had some clout and background.

It seems a half dozen new books are published on Bigfoot every few months and with little exception, the authors seem to have very little first-hand experience dealing with the topic of Bigfoot as either serious researcher or with any field experience to write home about.

This is certainly not the case with Ken Coon. He was a highly respected Sheriff Captain in Los Angeles County, California. He traveled extensively, performing his own field investigations and mini-expeditions as well as following up on countless sighting reports where he interviewed witnesses both over the phone and in person.

With law enforcement as a back drop, Ken utilized his interviewing skills and street wisdom to evaluate the reliability of the witnesses. Although Ken did touch on some of the classic reports as every other author seems to do, he also touches on enough original sighting accounts here, covering the Pacific Northwest to many little-known Southern California reports.
Ken camped in and around the Bluff Creek area starting in 1962 and visited the area no less than four times before and after the P-G film before it was in vogue. He was one of the last of the original Bigfoot investigators. You would be hard-pressed to research sighting reports from the 1960s through the early 1980s and not come upon the name of Ken Coon as an investigator in many of those reports.

I spent a good amount of time attempting to track down Ken in the 2007 and 2008 time-frame to get some follow-up interviews with him. Sadly, he passed away before I could speak with him.
In conclusion, I highly recommend that you read this book, as I find Ken’s investigating skills to be a model for current and future investigators.

~David Murphy

[This book can be ordered through or directly from the editors at; P.O. Box 50, Lorane, OR 97451]

Memories of Nancy

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Nancy Seales O’Hearn

March 13, 1943 ‐ September 1, 2019


Nancy O'Hearn

Nancy Gene Seales O’Hearn passed away at the SouthTowne Rehabilitation Care Center in Eugene on August 31, 2019. She was born on March 13, 1943, in Eugene, Oregon, to Welmer and Roseine Dockter Seales. At the time of her birth, she had an older brother, Jerry Wayne Seales. The following year, a younger sister, Bonnie Kay Seales, was born, but Bonnie only lived to the age of 4.

Nancy’s family on both sides were early settlers, going back 5 generations in the Lorane, Oregon area. Her paternal great-great grandfather, Nathan G. Coleman, and his wife, Mary Henry Coleman, brought their family of 6 children from Missouri to Oregon on September 22, 1853, and acquired a 320-acre donation land claim in the Siuslaw Valley (later Lorane, Oregon) on July 11, 1854.

Her maternal great-great grandfather, John Sutherland, and his wife Nancy, arrived in the Lorane area sometime before 1907 and built a home located on Lorane Highway, north of the current Gillespie Corners. Their daughter, Nancy Eleanor Sutherland, married Leven Jackson Henderson who settled in Lorane in 1910 where he established a blacksmith shop across from the Methodist Church.

After the divorce of their parents, Nancy and Jerry, gained two half-sisters, Michelle Rene Leonard and Cathleen Jane Seales.

Nancy married at the age of 18 to Thomas Edward Ballinger, but the marriage ended in divorce six years later. At the time, she was living in Humboldt County, California.
In 1973, she married Edward “Mike” O’Hearn in Arcata, California and they moved to Lorane, Oregon to be close to her father and the ancestral home that still stands on the Nathan Coleman donation land claim.

Nancy and Mike became involved in Lorane community events and lived for a while in the rented “Philson house” located on the corner of Territorial and Ham Roads. A few years later, they bought a small home in “downtown” Lorane, just down the hill from the current Lorane Fire Department.

The O’Hearns had no children of their own, but Nancy became “Aunt Nancy” to many of the children of Lorane. She loved being surrounded by them and provided childcare for many.

In 1977, Nancy went to work at the Lorane Family Store that Jim and Pat Edwards had just purchased from the Mitchell family. She worked there for almost 20 years, during which time she and Pat became close personal friends. In the early 1980s they began researching their family histories with another friend, Marna Hing. Soon their interest turned to the history of their town of Lorane, and after 3 years of research, Pat, Nancy and Marna produced a book called Sawdust and Cider: A History of Lorane, Oregon and the Siuslaw Valley, which is still being used today as a reference for the area. Nancy took a great deal of pride in their accomplishment.

Nancy’s husband, Mike O’Hearn died in 1983 and in March 1994, as a single widow, Nancy adopted a daughter, Heidi Kay.

Nancy is survived by her daughter, Heidi O’Hearn Morrison, three grandsons, Lance, Zane and Ryan, her brother, Jerry, half-sisters, Michelle Rene Leonard and Cathie Seales Rash, and niece Allyson Seales Honeycutt.

Nancy would also want to list the members of her “adopted” Lorane family whom she lived with for the last years of her life, too. They are Gary and Kathy Warden, Paula Warden May and Jeramie Warden as well as countless Lorane children who called her “Aunt Nancy” through the years and still feel her love.

Nancy’s Celebration of Life was held Saturday, September 14, 2019, at 1:00 p.m. at the Lorane Grange.

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