Sweet Lorane Community News, March 25, 2021

Fern Ridge Review
Creswell Chronicle
Sweet Lorane Community News
March 25, 2021
By Pat Edwards

Jim and I no longer have grandkids at Crow schools these days, but our oldest great- granddaughter is in kindergarten this year in Roseburg. We’ve always made a habit of going to all of the programs, plays, concerts, games and other athletic events they participated in over the years. We’ve missed that so much, but we’ll have a few great-grands old enough to fill their shoes before long. This year, knowing that local kids, who are “attending school” are also missing out on so many of the same things, and it tears at my heart.

In the past month or so, though, I have been elated to see the school bus once again traveling up the road that borders our property to pick up and drop off students who live on the hill above us. Strangely, our dogs, BB and Toby, are even more thrilled that the school bus is back. They have virtual clocks in their heads that tell them when it’s time for the yellow school bus to turn onto our road and their very favorite thing is to race it along the inside of our fence until they reach our property’s boundary. It’s a game with them that they sorely missed.

Recently, I read that athletic teams were forming. On the district’s website is a photo of a Crow football team practicing for a game. Each member is properly distanced and each is wearing a mask. I’m not sure when the photo was taken, but it shows the determination our students have in making life this year as normal as possible.

Right now, it’s volleyball season though the school year is fractured. Teams are now playing games that are being live-streamed on Facebook whenever possible so that fans can watch.

Even better, the Crow administration announced that for their game against Mohawk played last week, each volleyball player was issued three spectator tickets. That way players could invite 3 family members to attend and the family groupings would spread out in the bleachers to keep distanced—everyone wearing masks, as well. Those players whose family was not able to use their allotment of 3 tickets would be allowed to share them with teammates. What a great way to let the team know that someone really is watching. I can’t imagine how it must feel to be playing in a quiet gymnasium.

Apparently, wrestling is in the works, as well. Last month, the Crow Grange #450 hosted the First Annual Steve Boehringer Memorial Breakfast for the Cougar Mat Club. Breakfasts were picked up in the parking lot to take home this year, but knowing the organizers, it will become a popular “sit-down” event in coming years. This year’s proceeds were presented to Crow wrestling coach, Troy Jenzsch, who trained many years ago under the late (and great) Crow wrestling coach, Steve Boehringer, who lost his life in an automobile accident. The proceeds will be used for items like equipment and scholarships to middle and high school students who need assistance.

While we are on the subject of Crow schools, the district has announced that it is needing two community members to volunteer to fill out the Budget Committee. The commitment covers 1-3 meetings per year in April and May for a term of 3 years. If interested, you are urged to contact Lee Ann Hartwig at 541-935-2100 or lhartwig@cal.k12.or.us to learn more.

And, from Jim and me… Go Cougars!

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