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Sweet Lorane Community News, May 17, 2018

Fern Ridge Review
Creswell Chronicle
Sweet Lorane Community News
May 17, 2018
By Pat Edwards

I have a few leftover items from the Lorane Community Association’s recent meeting to tell you about. I wasn’t able to get everything included last week.

Volunteers are being sought to help with the Lorane Senior Lunch Program. Each week, area seniors are invited to enjoy a delicious lunch accompanied by entertainment and social interaction. Linda DeBos has been fixing the meals for quite some time, but she needs some volunteer help to keep it going. If you have some free time on Mondays through the lunch hour, contact Linda. Unfortunately, I don’t have a phone number for her, but a message can be left for her at the Lorane Family Store or Lorane Deli.

For those who have not heard, the Rural Art Center sponsors a monthly rug hooking group. No experience is needed and the members will show you how it’s done. If rug hooking doesn’t interest you, there are other craft projects you can do with the group, as well. Contact Mina Knittel at the Lorane Deli for information on days, times and locations of where they are currently meeting since the venues and times tend to change with the season.

Mike and Joanne Cantrell are active in veterans’ groups in the Lorane area and work to support those who have served our country in the past. They are currently selling tickets for a motorcycle raffle to benefit Lane County veterans! The tickets are $20 and only 2,000 will be sold! Please contact the Cantrells for details. A message can be left for them at the Lorane Family Store.

The Lane County veterans also will be doing their annual ‘Stand Down’ at the fairgrounds on October 3rd. They will be collecting warm winter coats later this fall, so keep them in mind if you clean out your closets between now and then.

A community-wide yard sale is being considered for next month if there seems to be enough interest. Contact an LCA member if you are interested in taking part and/or if you have suggestions or want to help organize it.

On August 4th, the Applegate Regional Theater north of Crow is going to host a new annual event—”Art in the Country”—at the theater property on the corner of Central and Fleck Roads. The property is part of the former Central School and the event will take place on the grounds outside and behind the buildings. Booths and displays proposed include juried professional art, selected amateur and kids’ art as well as visual art of all kinds—fabric, glass, sculpture, photography, writing, etc. There will be live musical entertainment on two stages as well as demonstrations, readings, a wine bar, a beer garden, and a kid’s area, among other things. The ART is hoping that anyone interested in helping to make this a big success, contact Karen Andersen at andersenk76@gmail.com.

The Crow High School graduation this year will be held on Friday, June 8, at 7:00 p.m. in the high school gymnasium. Congratulations, Seniors!

The Crow Middle/High School Booster Club is losing a couple of the senior moms who have been very involved in the good workings of the group for several years. It’s now time for others to step up and fill the huge shoes that they will be leaving. The group needs more members and more organizers to keep it going. Over the past few years, the Booster Club has been extremely successful in fundraising that has resulted in major benefits to classrooms and students of all ages in the Crow-Applegate-Lorane School District.

It’s time to begin keeping an eye on the Lorane Farmer’s Market food stand in front of the Lorane Deli. I understand that there may be some plant starts for your gardens as well as the produce they will eventually produce.

Summer’s coming!

Sweet Lorane Community News, June 04, 2015

Fern Ridge Review                                    
Creswell Chronicle
Sweet Lorane Community News
June 4, 2015
By Pat Edwards

I think that I’ve always portrayed myself as a rather peaceful person, so I hope that I don’t upset anyone by telling you that I’m preparing to declare war. After getting my yard almost in shape and looking fairly good, I went out the morning after I mowed and spotted no less than 20 mole hills in the small space that I call our front lawn. Those little buggers also provided a straight-line march of freshly dug hills along the fence line that we try to keep mowed bordering Easy Acres. Now, I’m an animal lover and I’ve been known to even trap an errant spider in a piece of tissue and throw him out my back door. I dislike destroying anything until it begins threatening my quality of life. I’d give these moles permission to dig in any other part of our 5 acres on this side of Territorial and all of the 20 on the other side, but they’ve chosen to dig their tunnels in my little patch of green lawn… so let the war begin!

The Lorane Community Association is discussing moving the Lorane Growers’ Market to the Lorane Family Store this season since the Lorane Deli is closed indefinitely. They are going to get together with Jim and figure out when and where to set it up if all agree that it’s what they want to do. I hope that each of you are planting a little extra in your gardens to share with the community as it ripens. This year, I’ve planted two large planter boxes for the first time. I haven’t had a full-size garden since our kids were all home… usually my more recent plantings involved one or two tomato plants in one of my flower beds. I’m sure there will be quite a bit more than Jim and I can eat, so we’re looking forward to being able to contribute some of our produce as well as buy or swap for some that wouldn’t fit in the planter boxes.

Jim and I have been hearing little snippets of information these past couple of weeks that indicate there might be some activity in negotiations on the possible transfer/purchase of the Lorane school property. I don’t have any confirmed details that I would be comfortable in sharing, but there might be some soon. I’m hoping that something will happen that will allow our beautiful school building to take on a new life where it will be used and loved once more. It looks so forlorn, even though the home-schoolers have been putting it to some use recently.

I am too late in letting you know about the June 4 meeting of the Lorane Rug Hooking group, but here’s some more information on it from Maureen Waff so that you can attend the next one…  It is time again to gather up the wool and get together at the Lorane Fire Station for rug hooking. We have received our fabulous Bee Line wool cutter and stand (thanks to a grant from Plum Creek) and we have some show-and-tell from the dye session that included Karen, BJ, Maureen and Lisa. (Wow! Is that Pendleton wool yummy!) On the horizon, another dyeing session, this time with natural dyes (onion skins, bedstraw, turmeric). Several of the new improved travel frames are out on spec. Contact the Rural Art Center at  ruralartcenter@gmail.com to get more information on the meeting schedule and other questions you may have.