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Sweet Lorane Community News – March 3, 2016

Fern Ridge Review
Creswell Chronicle
Sweet Lorane Community News
March 03, 2016
By Pat Edwards

The Rural Art Center- and Lorane Grange-sponsored Lorane Talent Show is still a month away, but they are still looking for new talent and have added more information about what they are hoping to present. For those of you who are too shy to share your singing voice, your dexterity with a musical instrument or your nimble dancing feet with an audience, there is still hope for sharing other talents you may have. Bring your artwork or craft projects – pottery, quilts, hooked rugs or whatever you make or do that brings you and your family enjoyment. They will be displayed and possibly even judged… April 3 at 3:00 p.m.

UPDATE: Norm Fox is back home from his extended hospital stay. He returned home on March 1 and seems to be doing much better.

I received word from my granddaughter, Hannah Edwards, that a fellow student at Creswell High School – a young man from Lorane’s neighbor to the northeast – is fighting for his life at the time of this writing.

On Tuesday, March 1, Blake Nelson was rushed into surgery after doctors found that Blake’s fever and swelling in his leg was related to a bacterial infection which caused compartment syndrome. They have since found necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria), and strains of staph bacteria in his lungs, his mouth and other parts of his body.

Blake has been in the ICU at Riverbend Medical Center, intubated and anesthetically unconscious, and will have more surgical operations until medical staff feel that they have controlled the spread of bacteria in his body. He is expected to be in the hospital at least for two weeks if all goes well.

As a CHS wrestler, Blake’s “strong spirit and bright personality are un-matched.” His coach, Wayne Joseph Roberts, has set up a GoFundMe account for the family and asks us each to keep Blake and his family in our thoughts and prayers. Please add yours to ours. That’s what neighbors do, after all!

I hesitate to go into this next topic. I’m not a political person, nor will I become one now, but I have some observations and comments that I have felt strongly that I must share.

I have been raised with an enduring pride in my country and the foundations from which it was built. I’ve taken pride in voting and doing what I could to participate in the rights that are afforded me. I’ve tried to keep myself informed on the candidates, issues and measures that each election involves, and I’ve cast my votes according to my heartfelt belief in what I felt expressed my informed opinion… not by party line.

But, right now I join so many others in a growing discomfort and actual trepidation on how our political canvas is being painted this year. It’s the first time that I have feared for the future of our country. How can I vote with my heart and my head when both, if the current trend continues, tell me that neither candidate will take us confidently into the future? How are we expected to choose between the lesser of two… maybe not evils… but of two candidates that I have no confidence in?

I know that there are those of you who will disagree with me, but these are the conclusions I have come to and unless some Independent “messiah” appears on the horizon who will rekindle our hopes for strong leadership in this country, this may be the first Presidential election that I’d consider sitting out… or at least writing in the name of someone who would have absolutely no chance to win. There is no way that I can put my mark beside either name.

Sweet Lorane Community News – February 25, 2016

Fern Ridge Review
Creswell Chronicle
Sweet Lorane Community News
February 25, 2016
By Pat Edwards

It sounds as though the Lorane Fitness group is off and running. According to Pam Kersgaard, one of the organizers, “Our set schedule is dance/aerobic workouts on Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. On Thursdays at 5:00 p.m., we will do yoga/pilates/Tai Chi. So far we are showing videos on the big screen. It’s perfect for beginners. We have averaged around 14 or 15 people attending!”

They are providing babysitting in a separate room for those with young ones. There has been some interest shown in a morning session, but so far, none have been organized. Check the notices on either the “Health and Fitness in Lorane” or the “Lorane, Oregon” Facebook pages for updates.

My offer of putting together a directory of Lorane businesses, services and products is still open but someone needs to collect information for me if it is to be done. Katarina Digman has been the only one to offer a couple of suggestions, but I’ll need at least one person to coordinate and gather all of the information needed as I won’t be able to take on another project at this time. I’d be glad to put it on my allthingslorane.com website or in some simple printed pamphlets.

Congratulations are in store for Teke Jentzsch of Crow High School who placed second in his weight division in the District Wrestling Meet hosted by Crow. He qualified for the State meet which, as you read this, was held this past weekend. At this writing on the first day of the tournament, however, Teke’s mother, Coleen Jentzsch reports that, “Teke lost his first match, 11 to 10, in the last few seconds in the 3rd round. Tough match. He won the second one in true Teancum style. He pinned him in the 2nd round! So proud of my boy!” If Teke can win his next two matches on Saturday, he will place 3rd in state. Good job, Teke!

I understand that  Dakoata Lutje from Crow earned his way to the state tournament, too. He was eliminated early but according to his mom, Keri Boehringer-Lutje, “Dakoata fought hard and was up 5-2. He almost had a pin several times, but  lost with 34 seconds remaining. Tough loss, being up the whole time, but so proud of Dakoata. He had a great season. Way to come back with a broken thumb and still be at State!” Congratulations, Dakoata!

Sorry, Tom Page… I didn’t mean to step over into your territory, but I’ve known the Jentzsch and Boehringer families for a looong time! I’ll let you give the official “scoop.”

Speaking of Crow sports, I just heard that our grandson, Kevin Stevens, will be helping to coach the Crow baseball team this year. Boy, does that ever take me back. Kev graduated from Crow in 2006 (has it really been 10 years?). I loved those late spring/early summer evenings when we sat in the bleachers and watched his baseball team play nine innings. I still get goosebumps when I hear the solid crack of a bat connecting with a ball. It stirs up memories of how those cracks of the bat frequently sent a ball over the outfield fence and into the pond. We had quite a collection of those signed and dated balls on display in our house until I gave them back to Kev when he got his own home. Such sweet memories!

Last week, we were told that long-time teacher at Crow, Norm Fox, was hospitalized with what was determined to be a heart attack. He has been slowly recovering, but has been on a respirator and heavily sedated. He is still in the hospital and for those who know Norm and want to keep updated on his progress, his daughter, Cindee, has set up a Facebook page specifically for that purpose called, “Praying for Norm Fox.” Our thoughts and prayers are with the Fox family.

The Lorane Christian Church will provide a very “inspiring, emotional and live “Last Supper” service on Sunday, March 6 at 11:00 a.m.

The next half day of art, sponsored by the Rural Art Center, is scheduled for Friday, March 4. Marti Byers, former Crow High School drama teacher, who is  now affiliated with the Applegate Regional Theater, Inc. (ART, Inc) will be working with the students on drama, improvisation games and skits. Scholarships are available for the participating fee. Contact Alyssa Shepherd at 541-556-8151 or malyssa2@yahoo for more information.

I understand that congratulations are in order for the members of ART, Inc. who recently were able to purchase the former Central School property and can now move forward with their plans for the long-dreamed-of theater that they have been planning. Congratulations to Marti Byers (who happens also to be Jennifer Chambers’ mother), Vicki Sourdry, and all of the loyal members of the ART, Inc. team who have worked so hard to make this happen! It’s a win-win for not only ART, but for the Veneta/Crow communities, as well.