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Sweet Lorane Community News, September 23, 2021

Fern Ridge-Tribune News
Creswell Chronicle
Sweet Lorane Community News
September 23, 2021
By Pat Edwards

Last week, my column was a bit shorter than usual. I was preparing for our grandson’s, wedding, and the following day, I boarded a plane to fly to Helena, Montana, to again visit my good friend, Connie, who was recently widowed. So, it’s been a busy week for sure.

Despite a steady drizzle during the outdoor wedding, it was beautiful, and to make amends, Mother Nature put on display, a magnificent rainbow that stretched across the sky above the wedding party. Jim’s brother, John, and his wife, Vicki, were gracious enough to provide the venue for Kevin and his bride Jazmine on their beautiful property bordering the Coast Fork of the Willamette River in Saginaw. We got a bit damp during the ceremony, but the last-minute decision to erect large tents the day before kept the food and attendees dry at the reception. What could have devastated most couples, allowed Kev and Jazz to relax, add humor to their day and enjoy the large group of friends and family who attended. In addition, I had the honor of being walked down the aisle on the arm of… and seated by… Brent Haxby, our grandson-in-law, who was officiating his very first wedding since earning his license. It was a good day.

Sunday morning, I once again boarded a plane which took me, via Seattle, to Helena, Montana, where my long-time friend, Connie Ruhlman, lives. It’s been a rough time for her since Dick died last spring and, although her daughter lives close by, she’s a victim’s advocate and is on a rapid response team for the FBI; both jobs require her to be on the road a great deal. Our short visits together have allowed us to reconnect and reminisce about our days at Linfield College and all of the many years we have stayed close friends while living far apart. It’s a friendship that we both cherish.

Back home, I’m ready to get back to working on the layout for our upcoming Groundwaters anthology, which was beginning to take shape before I left. Our local writers are beginning to get back into the spirit of writing and a lot of excellent submissions have come in and will be included.

When I returned from Montana, Jim and I drove over the construction area on Stony Point. All but a small segment at the south end of the project was paved and lined with guard rails. The short portion that is still being worked on at the top is still one-way and being regulated by traffic lights at each end, so we ask everyone going through there to follow the rules of the road… red means stop; wait for it to turn green before proceeding. It’s such a simple concept, but there are still those who are impatient and try to sneak through, causing nerves and tempers to fray. It won’t be long before this section will be completed. The Lane County Department of Public Works, which oversees it, is hoping to be done with all of the finishing work by mid-November at the latest. Traffic should be able to proceed without flaggers or lights before then, however.

The Lorane Grange held its election of new officers at their September meeting. Randy Eschleman was chosen its new Master and Gary Lutman, the Overseer. Other positions were retained by those holding them last year.

The Lorane Christian Church continues to hold Sunday services both indoors and in the parking lot for those who do not want to wear masks. Those who stay in their cars can tune to a radio frequency that carries the service though the speakers. It’s a win-win for everyone.
Happy Autumn everyone! I’m ready.

Sweet Lorane Community News, September 16, 2021

Fern Ridge-Tribune News
Creswell Chronicle
Sweet Lorane Community News
September 16, 2021
By Pat Edwards

Big preparations are underway for the wedding on Saturday of our grandson, Kevin Stevens and his fiance, Jazmine Bangs, this week. My contribution will be the making of enough of my signature potato salad to feed everyone. Despite the fact that it’s an outdoor wedding and much-needed rain is predicted for Saturday, we’re going full-steam ahead with the preparations. Both Kev and Jazmine are being wonderful sports about their predicted damp event, but I keep reminding them that we’ll all be making memories on their special day.

I want to update all who either travel to, or through, Lorane of the progress that has been made on the Stony Point construction project on Territorial Highway this week. The laying of blacktop has almost been completed and as soon as guard rails are installed, we should be able to travel on the new surface without traffic lights or flaggers.

Becky Taylor, the Senior Transportation Planner for the Lane County Public Works Department sent out this short update last week:

“Paving is occurring on the new road alignment at Stony Point. This is a huge milestone for the project and signals that we are nearing the end of construction. We anticipate that construction will be completed in November.

“There is one remaining section of single-lane-gravel-travel on the north end of the project area where the temporary traffic signals will continue to be used. The traffic signal phases will be significantly be shorter and it will take less time to travel through the construction area.
“Your patience and cooperation is greatly appreciated! We continue to share our project updates through our project newsletter. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.”

Anyone who has had to travel that section of road in the past year, will know what a relief it is to finally be able to reach this point. It’s been a long-haul, but I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been working long hours to get this competed before the end of the year.

Thank you, Becky, Sasha, and the whole construction crew. Your work is much appreciated.