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Sweet Lorane Community News, November 14, 2019

Fern Ridge Review
Creswell Chronicle
Sweet Lorane Community News
November 14, 2019
By Pat Edwards

Me on swing on Orchard St EugeneIt’s amazing how fast the holidays are approaching. Each year, the time seems to go faster and faster. Thinking back to my youth, it seemed as though the days, weeks and years, kept at a leisurely pace. There was time to go to school, do chores, spend some fun time outdoors and still have time left over for lazing around in the sun on summer days or lying on the bed, reading a good book during the days of inclement weather. I don’t ever remember being bored, but life was unhurried and much simpler then.

These days, it’s easy to cram useless time into our days—on the computer or with cell phone in hand. I’m as guilty of it as anyone. A lot of my work is done on the computer, but when I need to take a break from reading and editing manuscripts or designing layouts for books, I begin scrolling through Facebook or getting current with email correspondence instead of giving my mind a rest.

With the decreased energy level brought on by advanced years, I’m not as inclined to go outside and provide my body with some much-needed exercise in the fresh air as I know that I should. Instead I pack my calendar with schedules and events and “things to do,” leaving little for leisure time that can stretch out my days a bit. Each day is filled with trips to town to do errands and go to appointments instead of taking a Sunday drive, just for the fun of it; or short overnight trips to the coast or mountains. I’m missing the quiet times when I can read the stack of books for pleasure-reading I have waiting for me. I take yoga classes instead of accomplishing the same goals by heading out to pull weeds and prepare my flower beds for winter or stacking the fallen limbs lying in our pasture on a burn-pile. I eventually get those chores done, anyway, but the jobs are usually much bigger than if I went out each day and did them a little at a time.


Speaking of yardwork, those of you who drive past Easy Acres Drive on Territorial may notice that the flower beds at the entrance to the Easy Acres neighborhood have been tilled up and are awaiting new plantings. Our neighborhood group is joining together to once again make it into a welcoming entrance since I lost the battle with the weeds and grass a few years ago. We will soon have it ready to bloom next spring. We’re not going to put permanent plantings in right now, however. Once the Territorial Highway project begins on that section, most likely it will all be dug up and moved by the county. The plans are not concrete yet, but the county has warned us not to plant anything we are sentimentally attached to.

A lot of holiday bazaars are scheduled for the coming weeks. I usually share a booth with my author/colleague, Joe Blakely, each year at the Holiday Market at the Lane County Fairgrounds, but we have decided to forego it this year. So, I’ve signed up for the Fern Ridge Holiday Bazaar on Friday and Saturday, November 22 and 23. My table will be at the Elmira Elementary School and I’ll have all of my books and this year’s Groundwaters Anthology on display. I participated in one at the Creswell Grange a couple of weeks ago and it was fun talking to everyone. I hope that many of you will stop by and say “hi.”

Don’t forget to add your non-perishable foods to the food boxes that are provided at the area granges and stores for those in need during this holiday season. And, be sure to attend the community Thanksgiving dinners provided by the Lorane Christian Church at the Lorane Grange (Sunday, November 17 at 5:00 p.m.) and the potluck in Crow hosted by the Crow Grange (Thursday, November 21 at 6:30 p.m.). They are great ways to meet your new neighbors and catch up on what’s happening in your neighborhoods.

Sweet Lorane Community News – November 5, 2015

Fern Ridge Review
Creswell Chronicle
Sweet Lorane Community News
November 5, 2015
By Pat Edwards

Hooray for Lorane resident, Marilyn Wenger-Cooper! She spent several days on a respirator in the ICU at RiverBend with kidney failure and under-functioning heart and lungs. But, she is back!… at least she’s off the respirator, awake and in a regular room in the Heart and Vascular Center at RB. She scared the daylights out of our whole community. Marilyn has been a long-time clerk at the Lorane Family Store and is a member of our LFS family. In fact, she’s worked for Jim and me for much of the 38 years we’ve had the store. We’ve been in to see her several times and although she was looking like she had been through a war (she was), her smile and sense of humor are still intact. Welcome back, Marilyn! Jim looks forward to putting you back on the schedule when you are feeling better.

Thanks to a large response to the Rebekahs request for donations of scrap metal as a fundraiser for one of their building projects, the large dumpster is full. Since some of us have been slow in getting our metal brought in, another empty dumpster will replace the full one to, hopefully, be filled again. Let’s make sure that we fill this one, too.

It’s time to mark your calendars for the upcoming annual Thanksgiving Dinner sponsored by the Lorane Christian Church and held at the Lorane Grange. It will be held on Sunday, November 15 at 5:30 p.m. and is free to all local residents. Each family is asked to bring a dessert to share. It’s a wonderful event and a good chance to meet and visit with your neighbors.

The Crow Grange is also planning an annual Thanksgiving potluck on November 19.

Holiday plans are in the works for the local food drives and the annual Angel Tree. For me, the holiday season is not so much about ourselves, but to give thanks and show our care and concern for others. The Lorane Community Association will soon be installing Angel Trees at the Lorane Family Store and probably Crow Middle/High School.

Also, collection boxes will soon be placed all around Lorane to gather non- perishable canned goods and other necessities for the food baskets. It’s a joint effort put on by the Rebekah Lodge and the Lorane Fire Department. If you know of any family who would benefit from a food basket, please contact  Sande Maxwell (541-942-5083 or sandemaxwell@wildblue.net) or Betty Willoughby (541-942-7539), and be sure to be generous in your giving this year. These baskets have been so very important to our local families in the past.

I will provide more information on both the Angel Tree project and the Food Drive in upcoming issues.

I wanted to also alert you to what’s become a huge event for the West Lane area, including Crow, each year. It’s the gigantic Fern Ridge Holiday Bazaar to be held on Friday and Saturday, November 20 and 21 between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. each day. Local churches, organizations, businesses and schools will be participating and I’ve heard that this year there are more offerings than ever signing up. I’m not sure if my information is correct, but I was told that at least 20 sites will be participating. Groundwaters is taking part in the Lane County Authors’ table that will be set up at the Applegate Regional Theater site in the former Central School on Central Road north of Crow. We plan to offer books from many local authors, including many from the Veneta, Elmira and yes, even Lorane areas. Many of the authors will be manning the booth both days. The Applegate Regional Theater (ART) will have lots of other offerings of crafts, and mostly handmade, quality merchandise and food. They usually have live musical entertainment and we might even talk some of our Groundwaters’ poets into doing a few readings. It sits right next door to the Central Grange which also has a large selection of booths and tables. Be sure to put us on your list! Maps will be available.

And, authors… if we haven’t contacted you and you want to participate, please email me at edwards@groundwaterspublishing.com or paedwards42@yahoo.com.