Sweet Lorane Community News, April 20, 2023

The Chronicle
Sweet Lorane Community News
April 20, 2023
By Pat Edwards

Last weekend, Jim and I attended the annual Lorane Talent Show sponsored by the Rural Art Center and the Lorane Grange. I sometimes take a few of my books for the “stationary” art that is put on display and it seemed like a good time to do it this year. I could tell, however, by the frequent reminders, that the organizers were having difficulties finding willing talent entries this year. In the past, there have been some seriously wonderful talent performed… either singing, playing an instrument, dancing or doing a comedy routine. But there have also been some equally entertaining quirky and fun hidden talents that some of our friends and neighbors have chosen to share. One of those that comes to mind that took place years ago was the lady who put a cherry stem in her mouth and proceeded to tie it in a knot using only her tongue… as we all watched in amazement. These shows have never failed to entertain the audience.

This year was no different as far as entertainment quality was concerned. There was a good-size audience of about 17 people, but sadly, due to illness and changed plans, only one talent entry had been able to attend. Fortunately, though, the “comb band” provided the impetus for a fun and lively affair in which those of us in the audience were able to participate. As they raised their instruments—long-toothed plastic combs in cellophane sleeves— and pressed them to their lips, the comb band members—Lisa, B.J. and Chris—accompanied by Dean on the bass fiddle, began humming tunes which we—the members of the audience were challenged to identify. After a short while, I was able to determine that the first was the theme song of a TV show, but none of us were able to identify it as the song from the 1970s “My Three Sons.” I was able to identify the next song as “Home on the Range,” and won a small bag of cookies. By the time that two other prizes were given out, we were all warmed up and thoroughly enjoying our time together.

Kat, one of the audience members decided to share her hidden talent with us, then. As she came to the front of the room, she began to tell a sad story, and as she did, tears began rolling down her cheeks. We were all wondering whether we were supposed to applaud or sympathize with her, but at the end, a huge smile came over her face as she wiped the tears from her wet cheeks, bringing laughs and applause.

Not yet wanting to go home, we were pleased when Dean, the bass fiddle player, told us that he was going to play a song, but he needed us, the audience to play the part of the horns on cue. By the time we had all helped him finish the song with our “toodly, doodly” singing voices at the appropriate places, we were all laughing and thoroughly enjoying a pleasant afternoon with our friends, neighbors and some we had never had the opportunity to meet until then. After we adjourned for some refreshments in the cafeteria, we visited some more—and I even sold three of my books—before we headed home, in a much happier frame of mind than we had when we arrived.

Our world needs so much more of what I like to call “innocent, impromptu fun”… not the kind that is “manufactured” through the haze of alcohol or recreational drugs, but the honest-to-goodness willingness to let down our guards and allow our good natures and senses of humor to shine through… the qualities that many of us unwittingly bury and keep hidden under the busy-ness of our lives and the anger, distrust and disrespect that we seem to be surrounded with these days by the evening news.

Let’s all strive to find the fun in our lives again. We still need to do our parts with the serious stuff of life, but for our own emotional health, let’s find the laughs and giggles and wonderful endorphins that accompany “innocent, impromptu fun” that so many of us have been missing for so long.

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