Sweet Lorane Community News, May 19, 2022

Fern Ridge-Tribune News
Creswell Chronicle
Sweet Lorane Community News
May 19, 2022
By Pat Edwards

As many know from past columns, Jim and I are big animal lovers. We had an “Old McDonald’s Farm” when our children were growing up… horses, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys, dogs, cats, birds (parakeets, a cockatiel, and a miniature parrot), to name only a few. We passed that love on to our descendants, thankfully, and more recently have chosen to give homes to rescue animals. Both of our dogs and our three cats were all adopted as rescues. Our daughter, Kelly, has worked with Jack Russell rescue groups for many years and my heart breaks for the thousands of pets that are still being euthanized in some “high-kill” areas.

Yesterday, Raining Dogs Rescue, a local rescue group that I follow, announced its search for a foster family that would be willing to take in a dog recently discovered in Creswell whose “owners” had starved her, obviously for quite some time, and then abandoned her when they were served an eviction notice. Apparently, they had not only failed to pay their rent, but they had not given even basic care to their dog. When they left their home, they left a starved and emaciated Luna behind, locked up in a dog crate inside the house without food or water. Her skin was literally hanging over her skeletal frame and much of her hair had fallen out. Neighbors were apparently notified by the landlord about the dog, and one of them, Desi Lovenburg, took her in and began trying to nurse her back to health. In the month and a half Desi has had her, Luna has gained eight pounds and they are working with a Cottage Grove veterinarian to carefully get her back to good health. According to Desi, “Luna has a couple of wounds on her paws that are almost healed, but we have to spray them to keep her from licking the wounds. The vet said she needs carbs added to her food so we have been feeding her rice with her meals just to get some meat on her bones.”


Luna on the day after she was rescued by Desi

BEFORE – Luna with her “puppy” that was adopted by Desi at least a year ago

Desi is due to deliver her 4th child soon. They live in a small house with two other dogs and three cats, so she cannot keep Luna. She contacted Raining Dogs Rescue which was recommended to her, and they are trying to help her find a foster family who will continue nursing her back to health until a permanent—and loving—“forever” home can be found for her.

Luna is 4-years old and is a Border Collie mixed breed. Desi knows that Luna had one litter of puppies at least a year ago because she adopted one of them which she still has.

Despite all that Luna has had to go through in her life, Desi says that she is “the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet and is smart and eager to learn.” She loves Desi’s three children, all under 11 years of age, as well as her two other dogs and the cats. She craves being cuddled by the kids, and wants to be a lap dog. “It has been a pleasure watching her become a dog again. She is so full of love still and that, to me, is amazing.”


A foster family connected with the Northwest Dog Project has been found for Luna and that rescue organization will now handle Luna’s adoption. They will make sure Luna has all of her vaccinations and they will have her spayed once she puts on some more weight and before she is adopted. Adoption applications may be sent to their website at https://northwestdogproject.org/

Luna deserves to have a family who will give her the love and attention that has obviously been so lacking in her life up to now. Thank you to Raining Dogs Rescue, the Northwest Dog Project and most of all, Desi, for all that you have done for this sweet girl, and for being Luna’s spokesperson.


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