Sweet Lorane Community News, December 18, 2021

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Sweet Lorane Community News
November 18, 2021
By Pat Edwards

Ok, Life, let’s settle back into a nice, regular rhythm. I’m back home after traveling through 5 states in 3 days and the Groundwaters anthology is done and we’re waiting for the books to arrive.

But wait! Next week is Thanksgiving.

Well, I may not be able to get into that natural rhythm for awhile, but what needs to be done can be done at home, at least. Over the years, I’ve learned that hosting a big family dinner—which I do every year—isn’t something that I can leave to the last minute. Preparations need to be started well in advance. Believe me, I’ve experimented with the last minute stuff and it just doesn’t work if I’m to enjoy the day, itself.

Today, was my “clean the refrigerator and oven” day… a couple of chores on my “least liked” list. If I get those out of the way first, then they won’t be hanging over my head for the next week.

Now it’s time to clear off and clean the cluttered surfaces that somehow accumulate in our house, shampoo the carpet and the couch that our dogs think is theirs, and launder the area rugs that bear the brunt of the winter traffic. Most people do these things on a more regular basis than I do, I admit. I do manage, each day, to keep the dishes done, the countertops wiped down and relatively clear of clutter, the beds made and the laundry kept clean, but the finer art of keeping house on a daily or weekly basis has always escaped me. I was always the kid who was outside riding my horse when I could and hoeing strawberries or pulling weeds on our farm instead of helping my mom in the house.

The 21-lb turkey is “bought”—thanks Winco!—as are the yams, potatoes and turkey stuffing ingredients that I provide for the dinner. Other family members will bring the ham, salads, rolls, side dishes, veggie trays, snacks and desserts for our 20+ member family. In fact, we end up with so many more leftovers each year than I want to deal with, that I’ve learned to provide “take out” cartons and insist that everyone take home what’s left.

Let me assure you that we are well aware of our blessings in having more than enough food for our own table. That’s why Jim and I are ardent supporters of our local food pantry. I ask each of you who are also blessed, to donate generously to the Lane County Food Bank, your local community pantry or even take a meal to an elderly next-door neighbor or a family who would enjoy knowing that they are in your thoughts on this special day.

In Lorane, there are food boxes set up at the Lorane Family Store and the Lorane Post Office. The food pantry also plans to schedule two “drive-by” donation events again this year on December 11 and 12. Details will be posted soon on the Lorane Facebook page and the reader board. I’ll mention them in a future column as well. The Angel Tree will be set up soon at our store and probably the Crow Middle/High School, as well. Let’s all keep those boxes filled throughout the holidays so everyone is able to enjoy family and friends this year.

Because of the remaining Covid concerns, the annual Lorane Community Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners are not going to be held again this year, so it’s especially important that we go out of our ways, individually, to make sure that no one is forgotten.

Thanks to all of those active community members who spend a great deal of time and effort each year in making sure that food and warm clothing are available and provided to the less fortunate in our communities.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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