Sweet Lorane Community News, October 14, 2021

Fern Ridge-Tribune News
Creswell Chronicle
Sweet Lorane Community News
October 14, 2021
By Pat Edwards

Unfortunately, our Kansas City trip did not turn out the way we had hoped. Oh, we had a great visit with family the first night we got there on Wednesday… and we were able to attend the beautiful wedding… and Jim did look extremely handsome… but it did not end well.

The day after we arrived, our daughter, Gloria, got a phone call from her sisters saying that Gloria’s beautiful English Mastiff dog, Cappy, was not doing well. He seemed to be suffering separation anxiety when we left. He wouldn’t eat and was reluctant to go outside. As Gloria’s constant companion, and normally a sweet, loving dog, he became despondent and a bit surly. By the day of the wedding on Friday, we knew that something was terribly wrong with him. Kelly and Michele suspected he had suffered a stroke and was becoming more and more unresponsive. They tried getting him in to see every veterinarian in Lane County, but could not be guaranteed an appointment. Finally, on the day of the wedding, his regular vet told them to bring him in at 2:45 that afternoon and they would try to see him as soon as they were able.

With Kelly and Michele’s help and Jim’s and my full support, they were able to get us an early flight out on Saturday morning so Gloria could return home to be with Cappy, in hopes that he would respond to her presence. As soon as our plane landed at 11:30 that morning, Kelly took Gloria to the vet’s office where Cappy had spent the night, and Michele drove Jim and I home. As soon as she saw him, Gloria realized that Cappy was basically “gone.” He was breathing, but there was no recognition and no response to any kind of stimuli. As she held him, sobbing—and as her sister, Kelly, held her—Cappy was mercifully allowed to cross the “Rainbow Bridge.” Our whole family is heartbroken.

Too many times, Jim and I have had to say “goodbye” to our own very special “fur-babies.” It’s perhaps one of the hardest things we’ve had to do in life. Over the years, pets have been special members of our family who gave unconditional love and it’s so hard when we lose them. Many have been rescues, so our time with them is frequently much shorter, as it was for Gloria and Cappy. In these days of the pandemic, political tensions, mask mandates, distrust of life-saving vaccines and stress of everyday living, our pets are important family members that provide a steady, comforting sense of normalcy to our lives.

Jim and I relish the joy we were greeted with when we arrived home. Toby and BB (our dogs), and Jo-Jo and Oreo (our house cats)—even our outdoor kitty, Xena—were all, obviously, happy to see us. They provide a stability that we especially need in this phase of our lives.

Bless them all, and Rest in Peace, Sweet Cappy.

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