Sweet Lorane Community News, August 20, 2020

Fern Ridge Review
Creswell Chronicle
Sweet Lorane Community News
August 20, 2020
By Pat Edwards

How can it be? August 2020 is quickly nearing its end. Normally at this time, I’d be telling you all about the fun time everyone had at Lorane’s big annual celebrations that we have every 2nd Sunday in August—the Lorane Community Picnic and the Lorane Ice Cream Social… That is to say, every year but this one. As with most of the annual events held all around the nation, we had to cancel ours, thanks to the COVID-19’s disruption to our lives. The highlights, beside the great food, of the noon-time potluck at the Lorane Grange, included visiting with old friends and neighbors, many of whom have been coming from out of town to the picnic for years to reconnect. Social distancing and the wearing of masks don’t work well with potlucks held inside the grange, unfortunately.

And the Lorane Ice Cream Social, although established as a later addition to the festivities in August has become an event that families in the area look forward to attending each year. In the past and present, up until this year, the Lorane Fire Department has set up impressive displays of its equipment and offered homemade ice cream and pies. There is usually a dunk tank on hand where many of our residents have been dunked by pitchers of all ages whose talents range from “very good” to “lucky.” Crafts and displays have also been added to the mix by the Rebekah Lodge and the Lorane Church on various years. Local singing and musical talent are usually on hand to entertain everyone as they eat ice cream and pie and visit with friends, too. Some of the most popular events are the demonstrations of the fire equipment and the free rides around Lorane in one of the red fire engines by young and old alike.

This year, it was not meant to be, but knowing our community and those who take an active part in helping us to get to know our neighbors and provide a fun experience for all, you can bet that it will probably be even bigger and better next year, providing we are not still dealing with a pandemic.

One of my favorite organizations that I’ve mentioned many times in my columns is feeling the pinch of having to cancel so many of its fun events. The Applegate Regional Theater, situated on Central Road near both Veneta and Crow, is trying to stay afloat until they can once again sponsor the drama and musical events in their beautiful theater and on their campus that have become more and more popular in the area over the past several years.
To try and give some of the residents of the area some entertainment while maintaining social distancing, they will be sponsoring a “Drive-In Concert” on Saturday, August 29 at 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. on the grounds behind the theater. Two very talented musical groups will be performing… Charming Tempests will be singing and playing modern contemporary music and Cherry Hill is a Blue Grass/Folk/Americana group. Both have gotten fantastic reviews, according to Vicki Sourdry of ART.

Admission is $10 per car and social distancing will be required—no wandering around the grounds. Placing chairs or blankets next to your car, if you want, is fine as long as you don’t sit in groups outside of your own. There will be no concessions, so plan to bring your own popcorn and snacks. It should be a very entertaining evening and, for those old enough to remember, reminiscent of the days of “drive-in movies.” Please consider supporting ART.

They have been an active part of the community, providing a venue for the talents of so many people for several years. Let’s see if we can help them make this type of event fly during these difficult times.

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