1960s and 1970s In-Depth Research of a Northwest Legend—Bigfoot by the late Ken Coon; published in 2019 by co-editors, Joe R. Blakely and Pat Edwards

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A book review:

Sasquatch! 1960s and 1970s In-Depth Research of a Northwest Legend—Bigfoot by the late Ken Coon; published in 2019 by co-editors, Joe R. Blakely and Pat Edwards.

Review was printed in Bigfoot Times by the Center for Bigfoot Studies (; December 2019; Daniel Perez, editor.

[Note by Daniel Perez: Ken Coon was one of the first persons to see the P-G film in Willow Creek, California, when it was first shown in 1968 and (he) was part of the party that went with John Green to the site to film Jim McClarin going over the same route as the P-G film subject did in 1967. Furthermore, his claim of being there is vindicated by slides that George Haas took on the day in question… June 23. 1968. David Murphy recently bought a copy of this book and I asked him if he would mind doing a short review of it.]

I’ve just finished reading the late Ken Coon’s recently-published book (Sasquatch! 1960s and 1970s In-Depth Research of a Northwest Legend—Bigfoot. Order through Amazon). First off, it is refreshing to see a book on the subject of Bigfoot that was written by a investigator who actually had some clout and background.

It seems a half dozen new books are published on Bigfoot every few months and with little exception, the authors seem to have very little first-hand experience dealing with the topic of Bigfoot as either serious researcher or with any field experience to write home about.

This is certainly not the case with Ken Coon. He was a highly respected Sheriff Captain in Los Angeles County, California. He traveled extensively, performing his own field investigations and mini-expeditions as well as following up on countless sighting reports where he interviewed witnesses both over the phone and in person.

With law enforcement as a back drop, Ken utilized his interviewing skills and street wisdom to evaluate the reliability of the witnesses. Although Ken did touch on some of the classic reports as every other author seems to do, he also touches on enough original sighting accounts here, covering the Pacific Northwest to many little-known Southern California reports.
Ken camped in and around the Bluff Creek area starting in 1962 and visited the area no less than four times before and after the P-G film before it was in vogue. He was one of the last of the original Bigfoot investigators. You would be hard-pressed to research sighting reports from the 1960s through the early 1980s and not come upon the name of Ken Coon as an investigator in many of those reports.

I spent a good amount of time attempting to track down Ken in the 2007 and 2008 time-frame to get some follow-up interviews with him. Sadly, he passed away before I could speak with him.
In conclusion, I highly recommend that you read this book, as I find Ken’s investigating skills to be a model for current and future investigators.

~David Murphy

[This book can be ordered through or directly from the editors at; P.O. Box 50, Lorane, OR 97451]

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