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Sweet Lorane Community News – October 15, 2015

Fern Ridge Review
Creswell Chronicle
Sweet Lorane Community News
October 15, 2015
By Pat Edwards

People in Lorane have been asking me for updates on Lloyd Porter who had a massive stroke about a month ago. It left him paralyzed on his left side and unable to speak. His wife Jeri was able to provide me with some details… Since Lloyd was released from the hospital, he has been at the Hillside Heights Rehab Center at 28th and McLean in Eugene. They are now trying to get him into the Oregon Rehab Center at the Sacred Heart-University Campus site where he will undergo intensive therapy for about 3 weeks to help him transition to his home environment. Jeri is hoping that will happen in the next one or two weeks.

Lloyd is able to speak in sentences now, but has problems finding the right words still. He’s kept his fantastic sense of humor and when he can’t find the right word, rather than showing distress, he will recite favorite phrases with a twinkle in his eye. His left side paralysis is improving, too. He can cross one leg over the other now. When I asked Jeri if he is open to visitors, she told me that, yes… he definitely would love to have his friends drop by to visit. He will probably be at Hillside for another week, at least.

Groundwaters had a wonderful turnout at our Groundwaters Live! Program held at the Fern Ridge Library last Tuesday to introduce our new “first annual issue” of the popular magazine. I’ll let Sandy Larsen tell you about it in the article that she is writing for the Fern Ridge Review, but if anyone is wanting to obtain a copy of the book, we are trying to set up distributors in the various areas around Lane County. It will definitely be in the Lorane Family Store in Lorane after we’ve gotten a new deliver of the books. Hopefully, we’ll get someone set up to carry them in Veneta, Cottage Grove and/or Creswell and Eugene, as well. In the meantime, contact me at edwards@groundwaterspublishing.com or paedwards42@yahoo.com if you would like to reserve a copy. They are $12 each.

The Rural Art Center’s mural project has unveiled the beautiful new historical mural painted by Crow Middle School students under the supervision of muralist Jessilyn Brinkerhoff. Funded by a grant from Target, their work was done through their American History and Literature classes and the result is a striking 20′ x 2.5′ painting that will hang in the library at the Crow Middle/High School. What a wonderful lesson in both history and art for our students! Thank you, RAC!

The next Lorane Grange’s Spaghetti Dinner and Family Bingo night will be held on Friday, October 23, beginning with dinner at 5:30 p.m. Bingo will begin at 6:30 p.m. No one won the blackout jackpot last month, so it’s growing. Come out for a great evening of good food and company plus lots of laughs.

Congratulations to the Crow High School volleyball team. They are entering the playoffs on Saturday, October 24, to determine the 3rd seed into the State Tournament. It will be held at Crow High School gym at 1:30 p.m. Come out and cheer them on!

When the game on October 24 is over, though, you’ll need to head back to Crow to attend the Crow Booster Club’s annual Sportsman Auction to be held this year in the Crow Middle/High School gymnasium. Doors open and the silent auction begins at 5:00 p.m., followed at 6:00 p.m. by a BBQ dinner. The live auction begins at 7:00 p.m. The items being offered include “hunting, fishing and camping gear; trips; spa, tools, quilts, wine, an off-road expedition trailer, and much more.” It will also include prizes provided by the elementary classes and baskets of goodies from the middle and high school classes. Besides the silent auction, there will be a dessert auction, too. The proceeds from this event will go toward helping the students in the entire school district… not just the athletic program.  Dinner tickets are $16, but there is no charge for the auction. To get your tickets and reserve your spot, contact crowboosterclub@yahoo.com or call Linda Lay (541-844-5840) or Diane Lassen (541-517-9030). Come out and support your C-A-L schools!

Reminder: free ukulele lessons for Crow-Applegate-Lorane students in grades 4-12 will begin on October 15 and held every Thursday from 3:30-5:00 p.m. Authentic ukuleles will be provide. The first concert performance will be held the night of the December RAC dinner and movie at Lorane Grange.   Contact Pat Dixon (pdixon@cal.k12.or.us) or Lisa Livelybrooks (ruralartcenter@gmail) for more information.

Sweet Lorane Community News – September 24, 2015

Fern Ridge Review                                    
Creswell Chronicle
Sweet Lorane Community News
September 24, 2015
By Pat Edwards

I must begin this column once again with some sad news about the loss of another of our long-time Lorane residents. Charlotte Mitchell passed away unexpectedly on Sunday, September 19. This beautiful lady, loved by so many, was seen outside in her yard that morning, talking to her husband Bill out in their huge vegetable garden. Late that afternoon, she suffered a heart attack that took her almost immediately. Jim was told later by one of her sons that not too many days before, Charlotte asked him to give her a first-time-ever ride on his motorcycle. She was thrilled to be checking one more thing off of her bucket list.

CharloCharlotte Mitchell funeral cardtte was a tiny woman who stood tall because of her energy, compassion and community spirit. She was a long-time member of the Lorane Rebekah Lodge and was on hand to host most of the senior lunches and run the afternoon’s entertainment each Thursday.

Jim and I have known Charlotte and Bill for a long, long time. We bought the store from the Mitchell family in 1977, and I remember when Charlotte was helping Stell to run it following her father-in-law, Bill Mitchell, Sr.’s, death. We have such good memories of a fantastic lady and a whole family who took us under their wing and trusted us with the family store!

Unfortunately, Charlotte’s passing is not the only sad news to report this week. One of our favorite Lorane people, Lloyd Porter, suffered a major stroke the day after Charlotte’s death. As of this writing, Lloyd is still in ICU at RiverBend where he is in therapy to regain the use of his left side and his speech. Lloyd and his wife Jeri Porter are very much involved in Lorane community activities and it’s so hard to have another one of our special people laid low – we hope, temporarily – by health issues. Lloyd is allowed to have visitors despite being in ICU from what I’ve been told, and I know that he would enjoy a card or short visit to let him know that we are with him in his journey to recovery.

A local woman, Chris Starfire, has posted to the Lorane Facebook page that she is in need of some extra winter squash or pie pumpkins. Here’s her message: “Does any have (or will have) any spare eating/pie pumpkins or other winter squash? My garden completely failed this year and I was hoping to fill the freezer with lots of pumpkin/squash puree to see me through the winter since it’s one of the few vegetables I’m not allergic to. I’d be delighted to share out (50/50) the finished product (which would be frozen rather than pressure canned) with anyone who’d like to contribute their spares. Contact me at paedwards42@yahoo.com and I’ll put you in contact with Chris… or even better, go to our FB page and respond directly to her.

Our new Groundwaters 2015: An Anthology issue is complete. Pre-ordered copies can be picked up at the Groundwaters Live! program to take place on Tuesday, October 13 at the Fern Ridge Library beginning at 7:00 p.m. Stop by to hear some reading from the book by some of our West Lane authors, enjoy some snacks and visit with some of your favorite authors and poets!!