The Life and Letters of Captain John O’Brien (2018)

By Pat Edwards

Second in series titled “Early Lane County, Oregon Families with Lorane Connections”

155 pages

In 1873 and 1874, after serving 4 years as a Union soldier in the Civil War, Captain John O’Brien homesteaded 160 acres of land south of Lorane, Oregon in what is now the Letz Creek Road area.

Much of the time O’Brien spent as a Union soldier during the Civil War is recorded in his own hand from the almost 50 letters he wrote to a favorite cousin throughout his four years of service.

After leaving the military at the end of the Civil War, he took up the cause of the men who worked in the trades—especially the printing trade—and he became deeply involved in setting up trade unions to make sure that the workers who mainly used their hands and training in helping to build America were treated fairly and provided a living wage for their families.

His story is rich in texture. A printer by trade, he was a man who lived his life as a leader, but proved also to be a gracious and gentle man.

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