Pat’s People – The Lorane-Crow 4-H Newsletter, October 21, 1974

4Hlogo   The 4-H office has given me authorization to put out this experimental newsletter for our area as a means of informing the community of what is happening in our 4-H clubs. If you like the idea, let me know!

Marna Hing says that she will be organizing her dog obedience club real soon. The meetings will be held on Tuesday evenings at the Lorane Equestrian Center arena. Anyone interested in joining who hasn’t already signed up should contact Marna. (phone numbers)

The 3-L’s 4-H Livestock Club began its third year last week. The organizational meeting was held on October 10th. Ten new members were enrolled and 14 re-enrolled for their second or third years. Included are: Beef division: Sandra Brewer, Gloria Edwards, Susan Fleming, David Giles, Jason Jentzsch, Clifford and Lori Jones, Kenny Keeler and Candy Trout. Sheep division: Lori Jones, Carol Mitchell and Rose VanDecar; Swine division: Jaylene Jentzsch; Rabbit division: Chuck Bonygne, Lyle Cottrell, Jaylene Jentzsch, Kelly and Keri Mortensen, Jeralee Jentzsch, Todd Sturdevant, Marvin and Tina Taylor and Dean Lawson; Dairy division: Rachel Ashley; Other animals: Cindy Cottrell  (Note from Pat: If I remember right, I believe she raised cavies)

Nominations were made for election of officers. Ballots are being made up, candidates are campaigning, and the election will be held at the next meeting. (That will be November 12th).

The leaders of the club are Jim and Pat Edwards, Shirley VanDecar, Lorena Mitchell, Karen Matney, Shirley Jones, Mary Ann Keeler and Dean Lawson, Junior Leader). Five of us met last Thursday to discuss in what direction our club will take this year. Various speakers and field trips were suggested. Among these are field trips to the Christensen Bros. Ranch, Bartel Meat Co., Lochmead Dairy, and Adams Taxidermist Shop, as well as individual project trips to a sheep ranch, a rabbitry, etc.

I don’t know how many people realize it, but kids belonging to a livestock club don’t have to own their animal. Some, who don’t have a place for one or who can’t afford to feed one, get permission to use a young female belonging to a neighbor. The neighbor keeps it on his place and supplies the feed that he would normally give it anyway. The 4-H’er is responsible for feeding it every night after school and on weekends; he trains it to lead and set up for show, keeps records on it, and, in general, just takes care of it. The neighbor, upon agreeing to this, also must allow the animal to be taken to the 4-H fair and be shown. If there are any of these “good neighbors” in the area, or kids who would like a “good neighbor,” I’d like to hear from you.

This past summer, a substantial donation was made to our club by Bill Smith of the J&B Fina service station on West 11th and Crow Rd., to be used for camp and 4-H summer school scholarships. Members who want to attend either activity will receive a half tuition. The club is looking for money-making projects to raise the other half. Already in the planning stages are several bake sales. Anyone having ideas on other such projects is asked to contact anyone connected with the club. In the meantime, I hope you will use any opportunity you have to patronize Bill’s gas station and help us say a mighty grateful thank you for his generosity.

We are still welcoming any new members who wish to join. Parents are also encouraged to come. Our meetings will be every second Tuesday of the month at the Lorane Grade School cafeteria at 7:00 p.m.

Phyllis Drullinger, who will be our new sewing leader, will begin regular meetings after the first of the year. She’d like to know how many girls and boys would like to join. Let her know if you haven’t already signed up. (phone number)

Phyllis Rothauge is forming a beginning home economics club for 9 and 10 year olds. It will cover elementary cooking, sewing, home improvement and child care. Phyllis is anxiously looking forward to getting it started in January. Give her a call if you haven’t already signed up.  (phone number)

Sheila Counts is seriously considering leading a craft club. She will probably limit the number of kids, so if you’re interested, let her know. (phone number)

Pat Ribe of the Lorane Equestrian Center has agreed to lead a 4-H horse club if she has at least four kids wanting it. It will be an extension of the Woodside Stables club and the kids will be on a drill team and can ride English or Western. Transportation to the drill practice will be provided for horses and riders and the cost of gas will be split among the members. Call Pat for more info. (phone number)

Shirley VanDecar of Crow has volunteered to head up a garden club next spring for any area kids who are interested in raising their own vegetable garden. Shirley has a fantastic green thumb and each year, she raises almost every vegetable imaginable (even celery!) In a one acre garden. (I didn’t know you could grow celery around here!) Keep this club in mind, kids.

Monica Lawson and I are working on forming a club dealing with art fundamentals. We are trying to get a group of local people with a knowledge of various types of art together to lead a club. Each person would donate only the amount of time he or she could spare. Either adults or older teens are eligible to lead. Anyone interested, call Monica. (phone number)

Also in the planning stages is a new club on small engine repair, designed to help kids learn how a mini-bike or lawnmower works and how to recognize and repair various engine problems. We’re looking for a place to meet right now. The prospective leader is giving the matter careful consideration before agreeing to do it, and I heartily approve. It is awfully disappointing to the kids to have a club or leader fizzle out on them.

Other areas that kids have shown an interest in are woodworking, leathercraft, cooking, knitting, crocheting, and outdoor activities such as forestry, fishing, etc. Any interested leaders? Call me. (phone number)

‘Nuff for now. I’ll be putting these newsletters out on a somewhat irregular basis, depending on what 4-H news there is to report. I hope that all of you leaders will keep me informed on what your individual clubs are doing so that I can tell about it. And, please, let me know how you like this idea.

Thanks for supporting 4-H!
Pat Edwards
Lorane Community Coordinator

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