Groundwaters 2015: an Anthology

CoverIT’S HERE!!

We at Groundwaters Publishing are pleased to announce that  the first annual issue of Groundwaters — Groundwaters 2015: An Anthology is now available!
It’s been a fun project and the 222-page book  includes selections from an amazing 61 contributors! Check out the beautiful book cover and the list of contributors at the end of this message.
About our Groundwaters Live! program held at the Fern Ridge Library in Veneta (Tuesday, October 13):
Groundwaters had a wonderful turnout at our Groundwaters Live! Program held at the Fern Ridge Library last Tuesday to introduce our new “first annual issue” of the popular magazine. I’ll let Sandy Larsen tell you about it in the article that she is writing for the Fern Ridge Review, but if anyone is wanting to obtain a copy of the book, we are trying to set up distributors in the various areas around Lane County. It is now in the Farm Store in Veneta on Territorial Road and  in the Lorane Family Store in Lorane. Hopefully, we’ll get someone set up to carry them in Cottage Grove and/or Creswell and Eugene, as well. In the meantime, contact me at or if you would like to order a copy. They are $12 each. You can also order them on-line at our eStore.

About our Eugene distribution (Wednesday, October 21):

Jen Chambers and I had a fantastic time meeting and greeting some of our Groundwaters contributors who stopped by last night at the Songbrook Community Center to pick up their copies of our new Groundwaters 2015: an Anthology. We didn’t schedule a formal program… it was set up on a “drop-in” basis, but several of our guests, including Hoss Barker, Suzanne Twight-Alexander, Demetri Liontos, Tom Oroyan and John Henry) stayed and did some readings for the rest of us.

Thank you to Lois Banks who arranged the venue for us in the beautiful Songbrook community room. It was the perfect setting with it’s comfy conversational seating, large round tables where we could all sit and visit and a kitchen where our snacks were easily accessible. It was a wonderful hour and half!

We hope that this first annual issue will truly be the first of many and that we’ll see you at one of the distribution events.


A Special “Thank You” to All of Our Contributors:

Alexander, Mary   
Barber, D.J.   
Barker, Michael J. “Hoss”   
Bender, Melinda   
Blue, C. Steven   
Bluth, Denise   
Bluth, Kris   
Broome, Patrice   
Buck, Stanley   
Burnett, Jim, Sr.   
Chambers, Jennifer   
Chura, Larry   
Conrad, Gene   
Cota, Kala   
Crutchfield, William   
Daum, Gus   
DeAngleo, Nick   
Dickson, Dale R.   
Dunn, Carola   
Edwards, Natalie   
Edwards, Pat   
Erickson, David R.L.   
Ford, Alice   
Foster, Michael   
Greyling-Westling, Delina   
Geller, Bob and Katherine   
Graves, Dana   
Graves, Mildred Thacker   
Hays-Eberts, Judy   
Henry, John   
Hess, Evelyn   
Himmel, Marv   
Hunter, Sherry   
Johnson-Elliott, Bridgett   
Johnston, Roy Kahn   
Kessler, Keith   
Kimmel, Reida   
Kost, Elaine   
Larsen, Hayden   
Lawrence, Abraham   
Linder, Muriel   
Liontos, Demetri   
MacTire, Liath   
Maxwell, Norm   
Miller, Jim   
Mirich, Jeanette-Marie   
Myatt, Mario   
Newman, Barbara   
Oroyan, Tom   
Palmer, Brian   
Rich, Rachel   
Russell, Doug   
Sourdry, Vicki   
Stinson (Schlaser), Jessie   
Strupp, Janice   
Thom, Christine   
Twight-Alexander, Susanne   
Van Dusen, Terah   
Veneski, Ron   
Wahl, Erik   
Wickham, Karen


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